Fresh Spin Automatic Salad Spinner

Those who own a traditional salad spinner know how convenient a fresh salad prep experience can be. Yet for the 1 in 5 individuals with limiting dexterity disabilities, the simple task of twisting a knob or pulling a handle to spin their greens becomes much more problematic.

Empathizing with users, BonJour and ADC collaborated to better understanding this need to develop an innovative salad spinner that would successful work for a wide range of individuals. The resulting salad spinner was designed to be automatically operated with the push of an easy accessible single button.

A unique variable speed motor allows for fast spinning of greens or slow spinning of delicate herbs and berries, while the use of replaceable batteries removed the need to be tethered to the wall by a power cord. The additional of a wash through lid, non-slip base, and patented open/close drain feature made for an enhance prep experience.

ADC’s expertise in crafting motorized appliances and ability to truly understand user needs helped realize a successful kitchen aid that provided great value to both BonJour and their customers.
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