Sonic Dazzle Stik

To create a way to a faster, easier, better way to clean and polish jewelry at home or on the go, leading industry expert Connoisseurs looked to ADC for its expertise in personal care and innovative product technology.

Traditional dip-style jewelry cleaners are unable to polish jewelry, can lose efficacy as soon as they are opened, and continue to lose more each time they are used. That can cause consumers to continually clean their jewelry in dirty solution.

ADC began to rapidly ideate, prototype, and test a wide range of plausible solutions that offered the ability to provide an unforgettable jewelry cleaning experience anywhere. The team quickly realized a customized oscillating brush technology allowed for a more even cleaning and polishing application, resulting in an extremely fast and effective clean. Further refinement led to an attractive and ergonomic hand-held solution that could be used with no effort and was compact enough be taken to fit in a purse or cosmetic bag.

A breakthrough innovation in jewelry care, the Sonic Dazzle Stik is a quick, easy and effective way of cleaning all your jewelry. The Sonic Dazzle Stik has a sleek, easy to hold design and cleans your most prized jewelry at over 5,000 oscillations per minute – the first time that hand-held oscillating brush technology has been applied to a consumer jewelry cleaning product.

Since its launch this portable jewelry cleaning wand has become loved for its simple ease of use and unbelievable professional-level jewelry cleaning at home or on the go.

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