Twin Top Grill

WIK, a well-known German appliance brand and manufacturer, engaged with ADC to create a new offering within its indoor cooking category. Many crave the flavor and aroma of a freshly grilled meal, yet due to the confined spaces of Europe’s densely populated cities a large outdoor grill isn’t practical.

To solve this challenge the ADC team leveraged its deep expertise in heat transfer to develop a unique electric table top grill that rivaled the outdoor gas grill in its performance and versatility. After many iterative solutions, the result was a compact 2000 W unit with patented heating technology completely embedded directly within the grilling plate.

This innovative heating technology allowed for perfect temperature distribution on either side of the grill and thus created the unique ability to deliver dual cooking surfaces. The team created a ribbed side that offers an ideal surface for tradition European cuisines, and a smooth side that allows for many popular Asian style cuisines.

The Twin Top Grill gained popularity almost immediately due to its unique functionality, simplicity of use, ease of cleaning, and its compact size. To date it’s been in production for over 18 years and is owned by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers throughout Europe.
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